Hide Your Kids: The New It Trailer is Here

It’s not too late to turn back – Pennywise the Dancing Clown hasn’t arrived yet. He’s coming soon, though, with the latest trailer for the big screen adaptation of It released this morning. It features everyone’s least favorite nightmare here to ruin the lives of everyone suffering from an intense fear of clowns.

The film, adapted from a novel of the 1986 Stephen King novel of the same name, is set to hit theaters on September 8.

Speaking of King, he graced the news twice on Tuesday. He and his son Owen King, who are co-writing a novel called Sleeping Beauties, gave Entertainment Weekly an exclusive look at the cover of their work, as well as an excerpt.

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Sleeping Beauties will be published on September 26, making it a banner month for the King family.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube