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Hey-Oh, Don’t Fuggedabout This Italian Mob Adaptation Coming to Netflix!

We’ve all heard of the mysterious and dangerous accounts of the Mafia, right? Well, prepare to hear more because Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo De Cataldo’s rough and tough crime novel Suburra is coming to Netflix this fall in a ten-part series…and it means business.


We know all those stories of the Italian mob and their various crime sprees in different parts of Italy and Sicily. Or even in the U.S. with the Italian-American Mafia and their organized law-breaking groups, rules, and unspoken code of conduct. Any bad blood with these guys usually doesn’t end well for you.


The Godfather

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Look at a movie like Goodfellas (1990). It’s an adaptation of a non-fiction novel called Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi. Or perhaps The Godfather (1972). This was also based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name.


These books and movies contain both real and fictional pieces of the Mafia lifestyle. With the comically dark side of the Goodfellas gang to the deeply rooted legacy of the Corleone family in The Godfather, there’s no doubt these films are highly acclaimed and central to U.S. pop culture.


Now, something very similar is being created for a new generation of viewers.



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The Suburra series follows a mobster’s soon-to-end reign and his deal to bring a sort of gambler’s world to a suffering town on the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to corrupt politicians the proposal almost pulls through, until the the local thugs of the city step in and want more than was bargained for. Soon the vicious crime sprees and take-outs begin.


These guys have one major rule: never go against the family. In the Sicilian Mafia they say, “Cosa Nostra” or “Our Thing.” However, the secrets in this series are heavy and loyalty will be questioned. What could possibly stop the bloodshed when money and power are at stake?


From prostitutes to priests, governments to guns, and drugs to deals gone wrong, this series will feel like a dark car chase through the streets of contemporary Rome. The chilling and harsh reality of this historical crime group will give the Mafiosi a new life on TV. 


The gritty backstreets of Rome and the weathered cobblestones will never be the same.


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Now, isn’t that an offer you can’t refuse?



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