Hermione Granger

Hermione Has a Quarter-Life Crisis in Horrifyingly Real Web Series

You Harry Potter fans are lovely people; you’re always opened to new ideas, spin-offs, and news. So, I hope you’ll be willing to give this a try: Hermione Granger has her own web series… with a twist! Because doesn’t everyone want more Hermione?


Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis or HGQLC is the fan-created series all about Ms. Granger and her twenty-five-year-old self in a post-Hogwarts world. Black actress, Ashley Romans, plays the witch herself and we’re psyched to have her on board. Never again do we want to see people lash out about a colored woman playing Hermione like they did when Rowling picked the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast a couple years ago. We love Hermione no matter what, we just want the story!


So, upon turning twenty-five, she leaves her boyfriend (poor old Ron), quits her job at the Ministry of Magic, and heads to L.A. for a new adventure with some familiar characters (Draco Malfoy! Say what?) and not so familiar. Now is as good a time as any to dive into more Harry Potter fan works, so check out the trailer and catch up on the seasons!



You’ll see very contemporary characteristics and issues dealt with in this show, through both Hermione’s friends and the different journeys they take. Pretty sweet right? We’ve loved Hermione for all these years because of her intelligence, self-assurance, wit, and loyalty. Now, we get to see a vulnerable side; a side that’s a bit more relatable for us muggles. Perhaps there are no spells on how to live the right way; no potions to make the right choice for every decision. The first episode below shows Hermione’s bouncing back from her twenty-fifth birthday.



This series began almost a year ago and has raked in thousands of views and followers. Yet, it’s still funny that no matter how rocky her path may be, we still can count on her being the smartest witch in the room.  


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