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Here’s Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Got the Emmy Axe This Year

We’ve all been witness to the sweeping success that Game of Thrones has received over the years it’s been running.


For the last six years, GoT was either nominated or totally cleaned up their Emmy categories (as they rightfully deserve). Last year they totaled twenty-three nominations. This year? Zero. Game of Thrones won’t be receiving anything.


Who could permit such injustice!?


Here’s the deal: the Emmy Awards have a strict set of rules and guidelines. Among those rules, they have a tight schedule for what counts as ‘eligible’. When it comes to the 2017 Emmys, shows would’ve had to premiere between June 1st, 2016 to May 31st, 2017 to be considered. The sixth season premiered April 26th, 2017. Even if some of the season’s episodes play during that time frame, they’re seen as ‘hanging episodes’ and aren’t counted.


Sadness… / Via Giphy


Everyone is disappointed about GoT’s off timing. According to Bustle, the show will definitely be eligible for the 2018 Emmys. Altogether they’ve received 38 awards, so we can only imagine more next year for this year’s jaw-dropping season. The filming for season eight has already begun, so better timing next year we hope. Until then…


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