Here’s What’s Really Happening to King’s Landing

For the last seven seasons of Game of Thrones, the King’s Landing set in Belfast has been a centerpiece of the show’s political landscape. It has provided the backdrop for meteoric rises and tragic downfalls, regime changes and elaborate machinations. And now it looks like it’s… on fire?



burn baby burn

Image Via WinterIsComing



Westeros’s capital is no stranger to fire – in season two’s Blackwater, the city’s defenders utilized magical green ‘wildfire’ to great effect. Then in season six the same substance was used to blow up the Great Sept of Baelor. Does this mean that dragons have been unleashed on the city?



Back in February, the Winterfell set met a similar fate. These are some serious fires. Structures that were CGI-generated in previous seasons were actually constructed, apparently so that they could be destroyed in spectacular fashion.




Image Via WinterIsComing



The sequence involving the burning of King’s Landing reportedly included over 600 extras, indicating a scene on an enormous scale. HBO is clearly determined to top itself with this last season and it looks like they’ll be going out with a bang (or two).




Featured Image Via Game of Thrones Wiki