Here’s What We Know About Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘The Joker’

Batman hasn’t been short of work since his creation in 1939. In every year or so, more adaptations and series release with our favorite caped-crusader, and more and more of his infamous rogues-gallery are depicted. But none have interested fans more than the Joker. And now, more details about his upcoming origin movie have just been released.




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We have known for a while now, that our new take on the Joker will be directed by Todd Phillips and that Joaquin Phoenix will star as the maniacal mad-man. However, as this is an origin story, we will be seeing just how the Joker becomes the sadistic villain we all know and love. 


For those who don’t know much about his comic origin, the Joker is somewhat of a wild card. Many fans favor different cannons on his specific origins and everyone has their own opinion. That being said, one of the more common origins stories is that he was once a normal man forced into a sporadic instance of crime.



red ded

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The poor guy was forced to steal for a bunch of goons when they threatened him at gunpoint. Dressed in a red-hood, the man tried to get away, but here’s where Batman messed up: during their chase, the unnamed man fell into a vat of chemicals before Batman could save him. And supposedly, this creates the Joker from the unnamed man we barely knew.


However, the film is goes a completely different direction from the above. Director Todd Phillips inferred that the movie would take more of a realistic world view and be set during the 1980s, instead of the quick-chemical-change from normal man to complete psychopath. Phoenix’s Joker will initially be named Arthur before actually taking up the eponymous mantle.



ya dud

The Jokers of the past | Image via Zombies in My Blog



So far, all we know is that Arthur is a failing comedian. I don’t know about you guys, but go me, that already sounds more realistic than the chemically-made Joker, and thus more immersive and believable. The movie has also been set to have a budget of $55 million. This comes at a shock; recently, the lowest budget for a DC movie was Wonder Woman at $149 million. 


Even though they might not have as big a budget as the other DC films, the cast is looking phenomenal: Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and Marc Maron have recently been announced to be joining Phoenix. At first, many fans were skeptical about this specific origin, but I have to say that I’m very interested in how this’ll work out. What do you guys think? For updates on this specific story, stick to Bookstr!





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