Here’s What Michonne Actress Has To Say About New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season

Comic book turned binge-worthy TV Series, The Walking Dead has amassed an outrageous following since its publication in 2003 and series premiere in 2010. The series is due to kick off its eighth season on October 22, 2017 and we. cannot. wait.




The Walking Dead has celebrated seven thrilling, suspense-ridden, gory, and brutal seasons thus far. Just when fans think they’ve seen everything, season eight promises to slay you. 


Actress Danai Gurira, who plays the role of our favorite badass ninja warrior Michonne, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming season, calling it, “unpredictable.” 


“We don’t tend to tread the same ground twice,” Gurira told EW. “It is a deeply different season premiere — deeply, deeply different and unpredictable and very, very rich in the story that’s being told and powerfully acted and all of that.”


Gurira continued to emphasize the unpredictable nature of the upcoming season, commenting on how season eight’s differences will affect the characters.


“It’s like nothing before. We’ve all been knocked clear off our feet, and there’s just so many ways everybody’s story is expanded and deepened and sharpened. And the clashes that we’re in take turns no one’s going to expect. And at the same time, it remains palpably human, you know?”


“It’s definitely a season that is going to knock everyone off their feet. That, I can guarantee you,” she ended with.


Well, if Michonne says it, we believe it.


While she didn’t offer any specific details (we’re sure AMC is keeping actors pretty mum), we’re still excited!




Catch the season premiere on October 22 on AMC!


Featured Image Courtesy of AMC