detective pikachu

Here’s Our Review & Sneak Peek of ‘Detective Pikachu!’

The live-action video game/anime movie curse has been broken!

Detective Pikachu is the best fan-service-nostalgia-trip you could ever hope for in addition to being a hilarious, adorable, and genuinely moving mystery-adventure.

The movie has thrills and laughs, kid-friendly drugs and sex jokes, classic Pokemon easter eggs, a Seinfeld reference, and a very unexpected Basic Instinct reference…


(Prepare for light spoilers)


The film does not follow Ash Ketchum, but Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a young man who teams up with Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu to search for his missing father. The pair will find themselves in the middle of an earth-shaking plot that could change the lives of humans and Pokemon alike, and Tim will embark on a personal journey that rewards him with friends and family he could never imagine having.


detective pikachu

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The film takes unexpected twists and turns that somehow fit inside its short one-hour-forty-four minute run-time. The plot directions are pretty ambitious but aren’t given quite enough time to be developed for the audience to absorb, so some twists might not make as much sense at first. It’s worth noting that a one-hour-forty-four minute CGI production is already expensive enough as it is though.

The world building is scary good. Once you get past the fact that you’re watching CGI creatures walk the streets of a city block, the film does a remarkable job of portraying a world in which people and Pokemon can co-exist.


detective pikachu

Image via Nerdist


Reynolds once again makes movie magic with his portrayal of Pikachu after popping off the screen as Deadpool. With witty joke deliveries and adorable charm, you won’t be surprised that the guy has made the first quality live-action video game/anime movie by embodying everyone’s favorite electric mouse. Reynolds steals the show and proves to be the very best among both the film’s human and Pokemon characters.

My childhood has been honored by this film. I recommend you choose to see it, too.


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