Here’s How Some Authors Plan Their Novels

People write differently. While some like to go straight to the page, others complete outlines to keep track and be organized. I’m a go-to-the-page type gal. I feel that outlines never help; I always come up with another thought. It’s easier for me to write everything down and go back and fix it then redo an outline every time. However, outlines can help you plan out an entire novel. Below we’ve included some photos from famous authors who planned an entire novel out on a page – or wall.

J.K. Rowling’s outline for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Image courtesy of Daily Mail 


William Faulkner’s outline for A Fable on his office wall

Image courtesy of Daily Mail


Joseph Heller’s outline for Catch-22 – WOW!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail


Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

Image courtesy of Flavorwire 

As you can probably see, some of these outlines are intense! It’s so interesting to translate what we know about the author into breaking down their notes. 



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