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Here’s a Breakdown of Who Really Created Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a beloved character of the Marvel Comics universe. However, although this character has become a staple for the franchise, the creation of Spider-Man is a highly controversial topic. Stan Lee is hailed as the icon of Marvel and even more so praised highly in the comic community. But he may not be the idea machine you may think he is.




Stan Lee

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Spider-Man was born through a combination of contributions of three specific people. It all had started out with an idea from Stan Lee to create a young “ordinary” teenage hero. Lee had taken this idea to his head artist at the time, Jack Kirby. After holding a meeting, Lee told Kirby to draw out the character and a few other scenes for the possible first debut.





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At the time, Kirby had named his sketched out hero the Silver Spider, and provided his first couple of drawings of him to Lee one or two days after their initial conference. Lee disagreed with how Kirby developed the character of the Silver Spider. Lee even said that the character Kirby created was too “heroic” for what he wanted. 




Jack Kirby

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This is where Lee stopped working with Jack Kirby and then took his idea of a young teen hero with real problems and spider powers to the recently deceased, Steve Ditko. It is Steve who would take Jack’s idea of a web gun and costume and make them into something of his own. Ditko changed the web gun to wrist-mounted web shooters. He also fleshed out an idea for the potential hero’s costume- the same red and blue spider-uniform that we all have known and loved all of these years.




og sketch

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Spider-Man took some time to come into commercial success, but by the time it did, Marvel knew Spider-Man was theirs to keep. However, Spider-Man’s, Steve Ditko’s, and Stan Lee’s success would change them all. Spider-Man would go through various changes in writers after Ditko and Lee had a falling out. Details are vague when it comes to the possible cause of what made them feud for years, but eventually Ditko had had enough. In 1966, Steve Ditko would leave Marvel Comics.




current spider

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As you can probably figure out already, none of these three men are the sole creator of our friendly neighborhood web-head. Each one of them added more and more to what we now know of as the hero. Although these three men may have their particular differences with each other and differ on their opinions on who contributed what part of the character, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby will always be remembered for giving the world a hero. Without them, Peter Parker would have never been bitten by that radioactive spider.





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