Here are the Winners of the 2016 Discovery Awards!

Indie Reader, the website that works to get undiscovered literary talent into the hands of publishers, has announced the winners of its annual Discovery Awards (IRDAs)!

The judging for these self-published titles is done not only by publishing professionals, but also fans of independent books, i.e. the people who read and support these authors to begin with. The competition is, in that way, a very democratic method of getting writers with a lot of talent but no leads in the industry to be as creative as possible in their books without the pressure to compromise.

The manuscripts of the six winning books are submitted to a literary agency for a chance at earning the author representation. Check out the winners below!


1st Prize –  Before the Court of Heaven by Jack Mayer

Synopsis: A young German nationalist undergoes a moral and philosophical redemption when he begins rescuing refugees from the Nazis he once supported.

2nd Prize – Outrageous by Neal Katz

Synopsis: The lives of two clairvoyant sisters make a drastic shift into the world of wealth when they befriend one of the richest men in the nation.

3rd Prize – The Diaries by Chuck Driskell

Synopsis: Praised by the judges as “a very successful thriller by a writer with a promising future,” first-time author Chuck Driskell creates a dramatic crime novel complete with life-like characters, constant tension and unpredictability.


1st Prize – Weight Training Without Injury by Fred Stellabotte and Rachel Straub

Synopsis: A user’s guide to help prevent injury for beginners during weight training regimes. With hundreds pictures and detailed explanations, readers are provided with an easy way to start or improve one’s current routine.

2nd Prize – Hidden Solutions All Around You by Daniel Castro

Synopsis: Castro recounts the thought processes of trailblazing individuals – Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos to Coco Chanel and Oprah Winfrey – and their shared approach to solving complex problems and finding their deceptively simple solutions.

3rd Prize – The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead by Douglas Green

Synopsis: Douglas Green tells his biography through Shirelle, his dog he never imagined he’d adopt, and the influence she has had on his life. Thinking of himself in the eyes of his pet convinces him to listen to his inner voices and adhere to his dreams and intuitions.

Additionally, winners in 26 sub-categories were also announced and listed as honorable mentions on the IRDA website. Congratulations to all the winners!


Featured image courtesy of Indie Reader