Hemingway’s Previously Unpublished Short Story Finally Released

It has been announced that some of Ernest Hemingway’s lost work has found its way to publication.


It has been reported that Hemingway wrote a total of five short stories about his time during World War II. Most of his books discuss the theme of war, and derive from his own personal experience, adding a raw and truthful nature to his work. Hemingway’s writing style is famously influential, and paved the way for future writers to be honest and straightforward with their words.



Image Via The Guardian


According to The New York Times, Ernest Hemingway newly published work ‘”A Room on the Garden Side”, is a roughly 2,100-word story told in the first person by an American writer named Robert, just after Allied soldiers liberated Paris from the Nazis in August 1944.’ It has been speculated that Robert is loosely based of Hemingway himself, but it has not been confirmed.  


The Strand Magazine published the work, after manager editor Andrew F. Gulli, contacted the Hemingway estate for consent. The magazine is mostly known for releasing short mystery stories, author interviews and hidden gems from proclaimed writers. 



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