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Hemingway’s 6-Toed Cats Survive Hurricane Irma

As the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma becomes clear, we can rest easy with the knowledge that the colony of six-toed cats residing at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum on Key West are all safe and sound. 


extra toes

There is power in the extra toe Image Via Karin Brulliard / The Washington Post


The fifty-four six-toed felines and their ten human minders rode out the storm inside the home Hemingway lived in in the 1930s. The home is now a museum, and curator David Gonzalez told MSNBC, “The cats are accustomed to our voices and our care. We love them. They love us. We all hung out together.”


The Extra Toe

It has storm-sensing abilities / Image Via Karin Brulliard / The Washington Post


Many of the cats are descended from Hemingway’s cat Snow White, who, according to the museum’s website, was gifted to Hemingway by a ship’s captain. While not all of them have six toes, all carry the polydactyl gene.


Before the storm hit, Gonzalez and the rest of the staff set about rounding up the cats. However, some had already taken shelter indoors. “Sometimes I think they’re smarter than the human beings,” Gonzalez said.


The extra toe must contain storm-sensing powers. 


Featured Image Via PawsCulture