“Hellscape” Just Became a Dictionary Word in the 2023 Update

313 new words? You read that right! In the first dictionary update of 2023, “hellscape” and “queerbaiting” are some of the new words now included!

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Another year has begun, and with it comes new additions to the dictionary to reflect how our cultural lexicon has evolvedDictionary.com released an update via a news release that includes 313 new words and revised definitions for 1,140 words. Naturally, as society changes and words gain new meanings, it would make sense to change the definitions of words to reflect that. 

313 new rods in the dictionary
Image from Dictionary.com

One of the more surprising revelations was the fact that over eleven types of bread were given revised definitions of their own. What could possibly need to be expanded about bread? 

One of the unique new words added was “petfluencer” or “a person who gains a large following on social media by posting entertaining images or videos of their cat, dog, or other pet.” Perhaps this is just a rock that I was living under, but I did not know that was a term that was being used now. Other words that were added that we liked included “hellscape,” “pinkwashing,” “queerbaiting,” “abrosexual,” “climate fiction,” and “988.”

Generally, Dictionary.com updates about twice a year with 2022 seeing updates in Spring and Fall. Who knows what else will be added with future updates? What are your favorite words that were added? Did you know some of these words?

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