HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Teaser is Finally Here!

The Watchmen legacy is everlasting and still going strong.

Deadline shared the trailer that HBO just released for the new Watchmen series coming this fall. It’s all sorts of dark, weird, intriguing, epic, and thrilling—everything fans have come to expect from a Watchmen installment.



We make a return to the alternate history where superheroes are real, gritty, and viewed as outlaws. But we’re now in the present day, as opposed to the tense, Cold War, arms race era setting that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons used as the backdrop for their groundbreaking graphic novel.

The series has not yet been confirmed as either a sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation or a modern day remake of the comic book classic. It’s a reasonable bet, though, that the presence of what seems to be an older Ozymandias (played by the legendary Jeremy Irons) and a Rorschach-honoring cult, proves that the series will likely be a sequel of some sort.


watchmen hbo
Image via Super Punch


This also wouldn’t be the first time that DC Comics has added more narratives to Watchmen’s chronology. Prequels dedicated to the novel’s characters (Before Watchmen) were published only a few years ago. The big-event sequel series, Doomsday Clock, is currently being released chapter by chapter as well. It’s a very good time to be a Watchmen fan one way or another, and it’s only about to get better.


Featured Image via Hypebeast.