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HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Will Not Return For Second Season

Despite its huge success since its premiere, Sharp Objects will not be returning for a second season. Casey Bloys, HBO president of programming, made the big reveal at a Television Critics Association panel this past Wednesday.


Unlike the cast of its sister series, Big Little Lies—which is now in its second season with an even bigger, star-studded cast including Meryl Streepnot everyone was looking forward to returning to Sharp Objects, namely Amy Adams who leads the show as Camille Preaker, a self-destructive journalist returning to her small-town home.


The series is based on the 2006 debut novel by Gillian Flynn. The novel follows Preaker as she travels to cover the deaths and disappearances of two young girls in the small town she grew up in.


Similarly to how Preaker found herself haunted by the victims she was investigating, Adams often found herself haunted by the character she played. “I also tend to be a sufferer of, like, two to three o’clock in the morning insomnia, and that’s when Camille would catch up with me,” Adams shared in any interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I’d wake up in the middle of the night and have like unexplained terror or self-loathing and I’d have to work my way out of it.”


It’s no surprise that the emotionally wrought character of Camille Preaker weighed heavily on Adams. Preaker is the first of Gillian Flynn’s cast of antiheroines, as she would also go on to author Dark Places (2009) and Gone Girl (2012).


Image via Moviefone

Image Via Moviefone


Flynn is no stranger to exploring typical female tropes in her characters through an unconventional lens, as seen most famously in her other works like the Cool Girl monologue from Gone Girl. In fact, the novel’s atypical representation of the female reporter was what drew her to the project in the first place. “It was a whole other level,” Adams said in an interview with The New York Times. “That’s something I’m always interested in — trying to defy expectations.”


Adams’s depiction of Preaker’s self-destructive nature has been spot on in this drama, but her method acting forced her to get deep into the psychology of the character. Bloys defended her decision to not return to the show:


“The difference between Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies is in Big Little Lies, all of the cast — Reese, Nicole, Zoe, Laura, Shailene — they all came to us wanting to do more. They were willing to do more. And obviously Sharp Objects is a much darker subject matter and it’s a lot for Amy to play that character. It’s a lot to ask someone to inhabit that role. It’s not a role she can do again. That makes total sense to me. Without her doing it, I don’t think a Season 2 makes sense. I think this one we will take a really excellent limited series that did well for us and be thankful for that.”


The gripping tale of small-town murder and drama will end on August 26th after just eight episodes. As showrunner Marti Noxon stated at the panel, “This is it, so bask in it while you can.”


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