HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Movie Adaptation Is on Its Way!

While Ray Bradbury’s 1953 classic, Fahrenheit 451 has been adapted to the screen and stage numerous times, we’re hoping this next one will be the best. It was announced a while ago that HBO will be adapting the novel in a feature film, but now a cast and crew have been announced. 

According to Book Riot, the cast includes “Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station, Chronicle) as the protagonist Guy Montag and Michael Shannon (Man of SteelBoardwalk Empire) as Montag’s boss, Captain Beatty.” The film will be directed by “Ramin Bahrani (99 HomesAt Any Price), who is co-writing with Amir Naderi (99 Homes, The Runner). David Coatsworth (production manager on Underworld: EvolutionEnder’s GameMy Big Fat Greek Wedding) will serve as producer.” 

Bradbury’s dystopian novel is about a firefighter, Montag, whose job is to burn books. Society has outlawed books, and media is something that is seen as harmful and addicting. I’m definitely excited to see what HBO does with this! 





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