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HBO to Remove ALL of the Harry Potter Movies Next Month

When HBO announced last year that they were adding the entire Harry Potter collection to their content library, fans were happy wizards. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s about to change.





HBO recently announced that they will be removing all eight films on June 30th, along with dozens of other movies. Though the network only recently acquired streaming rights to the series, it’s likely that their streaming rights will end around that time and the series will be up for grabs for other networks.


When HBO originally acquired the series there was some mixed feelings on part of ABC Family audiences who took comfort in their annual Harry Potter marathons. Though ABC Family (Freeform) had to relinquish their streaming rights to HBO, the good news is that Harry Potter weekend marathons are reportedly back on, as Syfy and USA will air “Wizarding Weekend” marathons throughout the summer! 


So rejoice Harry Potter fans, you’re free viewings are not over just yet! While you await Wizarding Weekeneds, make sure to catch up on the Harry Potter series on HBO until it leaves on June 30th.





Featured Image Via Warner Bros