Lord of the Rings

HBO Passed on ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Rights Because Jon Snow

Earlier this month, Amazon announced it had acquired the rights to expand the Lord of the Rings franchise with a new prequel series with an option for a possible spin-off. The acquisition is rumored to have cost Amazon $200 million for the licensing, but surprising enough, it seems like the company didn’t compete in a bidding war or have much competition at all.


At least, not from HBO. 


HBO’s CEO Richard Plepler spoke earlier this week at Business Insider‘s Ignition 2017 media conference and made it clear the network had “absolutely no interest” in bidding for the adaptation rights to the fantasy epic, stating, “I’d rather own our intellectual property 100%, and I’d rather have the ability to work with a product that is inextricably linked to our brand.”


Naturally, he’s talking about their own fantasy epic Game of Thrones, which is in development to become a franchise of its own with several spin-off series, so the network definitely has their hands full. 


Sir Davos and Jon Snow

The buddy-cop spin off we deserve. | Image via The Hollywood Reporter


Amazon’s multi-season production deal was brokered with Tolkien’s estate, HarperCollins, and Warner Bros’ New Line. Since HBO and Warner Bros. are both subsidiaries of Time Warner, HBO will likely benefit from the deal in some way. 


Regardless, Plepler isn’t concerned about missing out on the series, saying that the network is “on track for the biggest year in history” and that they have plenty of projects to focus on. We don’t doubt it, Plepler. You’re kind of a big deal, we get it.


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