Hashtags Highlight Problems in the Publishing Industry

Yesterday, we covered a story about women writers tweeting out what they often hear from readers and the publishing industry. Overwhelmingly, the tweets were heartbreaking and absolutely ridiculous. The hashtag, #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear took over Twitter and enlightened people about sexism in the publishing industry, but another issue that the industry has is one of diversity. What I pointed out and what other people seemed to agree on, was that a majority of the tweets came from white women.

Many pointed out this fact:

And so, a new hashtag, #WhatWoCWritersHear (What Women of Color Writers Hear) was started and the tweets came pouring in.  

These conversations about diversity, racism, and sexism are so important! Keep speaking up, keep speaking out and hopefully, we can affect change.  


Featured image courtesy of VICKY LETA/MASHABLE