Haruki Murakami Provides the Soundtrack for Your Life

Before Haruki Murakami was a big name author, he was an aspiring musician. He even opened a coffeehouse and jazz bar, called the Peter Cat, owing to his deep devotion to jazz and classical music. Supposedly, he has more than 10,000 vinyls in a personal record collection.

According to Electric Literature, Open Culture is providing access to just a snippet of that collection, making 3,350 of the songs available in a Spotify playlist, featuring the likes of Bobby Hackett and the Oscar Peterson Trio, among others.

So it’s not the same thing as having the Japanese award-winner serve as a private DJ for your next wedding or bat mitzvah, but it’s still a musical glimpse into one of the greatest authors of his generation.

Besides, if his works and background are any indication, Murakami probably has some great musical taste.


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