Haruki Murakami Plays Dear Abby in Latest Project

Haruki Murakami is back, but not with a novel. This time around, Murakami is bringing fans a massive collection of his answers to fan’s letters.

The project started earlier this year when Murakami set up a section of his website to allow fans to submit questions. The queries were a mix of everything from normal fan questions (how does he feel about his status as a Nobel Prize frontrunner?), abnormal ones (would he ever like to be a cat instead of a person?), and even personal requests for advice (how can we get a loved one to stop burping?).

Altogether, Murakami received an incredible 37,465 questions. He answered 3,716 of them, and all of the questions and responses are available in a Japanese e-book. A print edition is also available, with a selection of 473 questions and answers. The e-book version is sitting at #13 on Amazon’s Japanese Kindle charts. The work is called Murakami-san no Tokoro, or “Mr. Murakami’s Place.”

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So when is this new Murakami work coming to English-speaking readers? It’s not yet clear. The author’s UK publisher says there are “no plans at the moment” to release the new book in English, but with so many of the author’s minor and early works getting English versions in recent years, it’s hard to imagine that a translation won’t be in the works soon.

Image courtesy of The Guardian