Harry Potter’s Jessie Cave Welcomed Third baby With Complications

Jessie Cave or as Potter lovers call her, Lavender Brown, has welcomed her third baby into the world. She named her new bundle of joy, Abraham Benjamin (or Bram). She posted the news on her Instagram last week, after her announcement in June of her third pregnancy.


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The third time is supposed to be the charm, but labor for cave’s baby wasn’t so charming. She didn’t go into much detail about the birth, but the baby boy did arrive forty minutes after her water broke. During the pregnancy she said his kicks were extreme, and as for the labor, she described it as terrifying, yet humbling. According to Cave, the experience was a lot different than what she’d undergone with her first two children, Donnie and Margot.
Cave doesn’t show the faces of her children on her social media account for privacy reasons. Her oldest son is six and her daughter is four. Alfie Brown, a comedian, is her husband and father of her children. (And it’s pretty ironic that she would marry a man with the last name “Brown”). Too bad she doesn’t have a daughter named Lavender.
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Baby Abraham, however, is in the neonatal unit and, according to Cave, that is the best place for him right now. He is a strong baby boy and the nurses and doctors are wonderful. They are making sure the baby has the best care. According to her latest instagram post, the baby is making strides, but he isn’t ready to come home just yet.
Sending well wishes to Jessie Cave and her family. Baby Bram will be home with his family soon.
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