‘Harry Potter’s’ Jessie Cave Brings Baby Home From Hospital After COVID-19 Scare

Fans and family members of Jessie Cave, the actress that played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter, will be relieved to hear that she has returned from the hospital with her baby, Abraham Benjamin, after he’d contracted COVID-19.




On Tuesday, January 5th, Cave posted on twitter that she had “watched the news about lockdown from an isolated room in hospital.” At the time, she was relieved to share that her son was doing well all things considered, and that precautions were being taken.

Now, Cave has proudly posted a much longed for update stating that baby Abraham Benjamin is feeling better and returning home:

In her Tuesday Instagram post, Cave warned her audience that “this strain is super powerful and contagious so I do hope that people take extra care in the coming weeks.”

Her transparency about her child contracting COVID-19 was brave and informative, and I know everyone following this story congratulates Cave for being able to bring her new baby back home after a harrowing experience.

As cases continue to dangerously rise, the UK is in lockdown until mid-February.


feature image via CNN