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Harry Potter’s Ginny Makes Directorial Debut With A.S. Byatt Adaptation, Starring Jason Isaacs

Bonnie Wright, best known for her role as Ron’s younger sister and Harry Potter’s love interest and eventual wife, Ginny Weasley, has made her directorial debut.


With an interest in directing that began during her time “as a curious kid on the Harry Potter sets,” Wright has chosen to make her debut with a short film based on a story by A.S. Byatt, Medusa’s Ankles is set in a hair salon, and explores the “intimate experience” one has while at the hairdressers. 


Jason Isaacs, another Harry Potter alum, plays the hairdresser, Lucien, while Kerry Fox takes the lead as Susannah. Wright says that during the film, Susannah is transported into a different space. “It shifts Susannah into a new space where she looks a lot older, and feels a lot older,” she said. “She is slowly pushed out by Lucian – who becomes more self-obsessed with his own life.”


Image Via BBC

Image Via BBC


Wright decided to premiere the film in a real hair salon in order to increase the relatability of the story to its initial viewers, saying, “I think some people like that experience, but most are in the same mindset as Susannah, the client, and don’t like to sit looking at themselves in the mirror for all that time.”


As part of a series of arts events in the city of Lincoln, Medusa’s Ankles will be showing at the Sincil Salon in Lincoln until Saturday.


Featured Image Via BBC