‘Harry Potter’ Takes the Lead in Pandemic Reads

Even during unprecedented times, the Potter phenomenon is powerful!

This pandemic has been rough for the reading community, but as book lovers have been strapped for cash, selling their literature second-hand has brought in a steady stream of vintage book sales for companies like UK reseller, “MusicMagpie.” Unsurprisingly, the primary purchases are none other than Harry Potter books.




“In the final months of the year – in the second lockdown and with Christmas approaching – secondhand book sales were dominated by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books,” reported The Guardian.



The company, which was founded in a Stockport garage in 2007 and initially traded only in CDs, now specialises mainly in secondhand technology. It buys goods for a price set by an algorithm based partly on their popularity then refurbishes and resells them via its own sites as well as Amazon and eBay. It has more than 7m registered customers worldwide.

It’s no wonder that, as the pandemic presses the necessity of staying at home, avid readers will continue to read regardless of lockdowns. And, in the case of reading good books, brand new is not always in the bibliophile’s best interest.

“Consumer attitudes towards buying refurbished products are changing,”  explained Steve Oliver, co-founder and chief executive of MusicMagpie. “And there’s also an ongoing move towards ethical spending and tackling the growing problem of e-waste.”


All of us taking a leaf from Hermione’s book, and reading vintage, IMAGE VIA PINTEREST


Not only is it ecumenically beneficial, better for the environment, and accessible to folks enduring their second lockdown in the UK, but buying used Harry Potter books satisfies the need for nostalgia and comfort that the modern person needs right now.

We’re all seeking some solace and familiarity during this pandemic… some magic and hope. It’s no wonder that Harry Potter is what we turn to when we want to jump into another world. When we get bored and restless of staying inside of or houses, Hogwarts is our home.


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