Harry Potter Sneaks Into Supreme Court Hearing

If one were to tune into the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch, they could expect to hear about the nominee’s views on all of the controversial topics surrounding the issues in today’s society.

You know, hot button issues like Harry Potter.

While answering a question during his hearing, Gorsuch made a comparison between his doctor supervisor’s office and the famous J.K. Rowling fantasy novels.

What Gorsuch was talking about when he made his quip is anybody’s guess. He studied for his dissertation at Oxford in the United Kingdom, which has drawn comparisons in the past to Hogwarts. He wasn’t comparing the libraries of the schools, though – he was making a reference to his supervisor’s office.

Maybe his dissertation supervisor kept wands or spells and is a huge fanboy of the series himself. Or maybe he’s a wizard and our next potential Supreme Court justice is straddling between the muggle and wizarding world.

It would surely give him a unique perspective to render rulings with.


Feature image courtesy of Bustle