‘Harry Potter’ Leads in Best Book-to-Screen Adaptations

There’s always the risk of making a movie based on the book. We readers know that there’s always some great scene that gets left behind or a character that’s missing. Adapting a book to the big screen requires a keen eye for detail. We’re really picky when it comes to our favorite books getting their shot in Hollywood. We want everything we’ve read in the book and imagined in our minds to translate on the screen.

Sometimes the movies don’t always live up to the hype (cough, Eragon), but Harry Potter definitely has. With 8 films and related story adaptations like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it’s safe to say the franchise was successful. 

According to The Guardian, Harry Potter “has again topped a poll to find the best-loved book-to-film adaptations, with 32% of 2,000 cinemagoers placing the series in their top 10. The result echoes a similar survey in March 2015.”

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Here’s the list:

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Young adult and children series’ adaptations seem to do pretty well. Childhood classics bring droves of people to the movies, because they’re not only reliving pleasant memories, but they get to see their favorite characters come to life. There’s something special about seeing characters you’ve grown up reading and learning about on the big screen. You get to follow along with the story, sometimes word for word, because you’ve read the book! 

What are your favorite book to screen adaptations?


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