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Harry Potter Inspired Engagement Ring Will Make You Say “Accio, Marriage!”

If you’re a Potterhead, then this engagement ring have have you itching to get married ASAP. One woman took to reddit this week to show off her stunning engagement ring that was designed to reflect her love of everything Harry Potter.


Reddit User Katiemack777 posted the following photo of her engagement ring, created by  jeweler Shane Co.,  which shows 5 colorful jewels that reflect the colors of the Hogwarts houses – red (Gryffindor), green (Slytherin), yellow (Hufflepuff), and blue (Ravenclaw).


My (now) fiance knows that I love harry potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me.


The post has since garnered over 24k votes and 381 comments of users congratulating Mack on her engagement and showing appreciation for her unique ring.


The best comment deservedly goes to reddit user watanabelover69 who commented:





To Mack’s finance out there, 50 points to Gryffindor!




Featured Image Via reddit/katiemack777