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Harry Potter Heads to the Stars as a New Constellation!

The astronomers have made it clear: there are eighty-eight constellations in the sky. No more, no less. That’s the way it is. Eighty-eight constellations that clearly delineate the regions of the sky. Some go back to ancient times, while some are more recent. The one thing they have in common is modern kids have no idea what they mean. You’re trying to tell me you know about Triangulum Australe. K.


Researchers at the University of Birmingham have decided to take this problem into their own hands. They’ve created new constellations based on popular figures of today. For the bookish, these include: Harry Potter’s glasses, Paddington Bear, and a book-shape in honor of Malala Yousafzai.



Image Via The Big Bang Fair



Image Via The Big Bang Fair


The constellations were created in conjunction with The Big Bang Fair, which is a UK fair dedicated to promoting STEM education for young people. The constellations also honor athletes Usain Bolt (depicted as a lightning bolt) and Serena Williams (a tennis racket), as well as nature documentarian Sir David Attenborough (a whale).


I have no idea how to tell one constellation from another, but I’ve also never really felt the urge to. They’ve always seemed kind of arbitrary to me. But now that there are some killer book references in the night sky? Count me, researchers at the University of Birmingham. Count me in.



Image Via The Big Bang Fair


Feature Image Via The Big Bang Fair