Harry Potter Go: What Could Have Been

It’s impossible not see the impact of Pokemon Go. Walking through the streets to see crowds gathered at seemingly random corners, huddled together in obscure parks, or stampeding towards the next rare Pokemon in sight has been a delightful surprise. Communities have been brought together by the immensely popular game, uniting people as they all enjoy trying to catch them all. The success of this enhanced reality crossover has inspired much speculation as to what franchise is next up to have it’s own “Go” game.

So, how’s this sound; Harry Potter Go.

Amazing, right?

Imagine running around your neighborhood looking for magic items to help aid you in fending off giant spiders and dark wizards. Imagine getting together with friends to compare spells you collected at your favorite Ice Cream shop. Imagine rallying around your Hogwarts House and competing against other Houses for superiority. Harry Potter Go sounds too darn good not to be a real thing

Unfortunately, it is not… yet. 

A petition was formed in order to get attention from Niantic (the company behind Pokemon Go), and hopefully inspire them to take on the project. A fan made trailer was created, and it spread like wildfire. The trailer looked so good, it was easy to assume it was real, and so the rumor was born that the game is in development.

Harry Potter Go is not in development but it certainly should be. Given how successful Pokemon Go has been, and how easily translatable the Harry Potter universe would be to the platform, I’d say there’s hope that someone takes this idea and runs with it.

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