‘Harry Potter’ Gets a New Look for eBook Edition

When readers first got their hands on the new eBook editions of the Harry Potter books last week, they were greeted by familiar text and unfamiliar covers. The covers for the entire Harry Potter series were completely redesigned for this eBook release.

The man behind the redesigns is Olly Moss, the well-known graphic designer. Moss has done some incredible work before, including officially licensed posters for major franchises like Star Wars; but, he wasn’t above feeling giddy at the chance to work on a magical franchise like Harry Potter:

Moss spoke to Pottermore about designing the covers, explaining his design style (he’s really into “double images”) and even revealing which cover is his favorite (it’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). And, of course, Moss had to mention how excited he was to work on the project. “Harry Potter has always been my favorite,” he explained. Ours too, Olly, ours too. Additionally, you can buy the covers on Pottermore’s website in 2016.

Which cover is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! 

Main image via Pottermore