Harry Potter Fans Try to Free Dobby

Remember the feeling you got when dutiful Dobby, with his big floppy ears, skinny-chicken legs, and wide-eyed adoration (towards Harry, at least), was freed? Our clever Harry Potter tricked Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a dirty sock, thus freeing the brave elf. Nearly every Potter fan’s heart melted. 

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Now, in an ironic twist, a decrepit-looking Dobby statue in the Warner Bros. Studio Leavesden has been encased in glass, likely for the safety of the piece of art. Loyal fans have been placing socks by the ill-looking Dobby during tours of the studio in an attempt to free the elf (or at least as an homage to the series.) J.K. Rowling, as devoted to the fans as they are to her, even retweeted one of the images.

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