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Harry Potter Fans Think Prince George’s Wedding Attire Was a Bit Familiar

There’s a post-wedding glow all over the world this week, after the display of love and matrimony between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And of course this air of excitement wouldn’t be the same without some bookworm input.


As all the royal children had their time in the spotlight when holding Meghan’s train, but the bookworms of the world spotted something interesting. Little Prince George’s traditional dress suit was unusually similar to a certain fictional character we all love to hate.


Prince George

 Image Via Today

Don’t notice anything? Look again.


Prince George and Draco Malfoy

 Image Via People

Of course, to us, those little suits looked very close to that of Draco Malfoy. Not to mention Prince George’s blonde hair and serious little face. According to People, Twitter had a lot to say as it usually does.





I kind of doubt that was on purpose, but I don’t doubt that any house would be lucky to have George in it.


Featured Image Via People