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Harry Potter Fans Send ‘Owls of Hope’ to Welcome Refugees to New Countries

As well as putting together their excellent ‘Azkabanned Books‘ project for Banned Books Week, The Harry Potter Alliance is also calling on Potterheads to send Owls of Hope to refugees to welcome them to new countries. Owls of Hope is in response to the announcement that the USA will cap refugee admissions at just 30,000 people, a record low. 


The Harry Potter Alliance’s Dumbledore’s Army Fights Back campaign was launched to highlight and fight injustice using the power of the written word, and thanks to them, Potter fans can send ‘Owls of Hope’ addressed to refugees in order to welcome them to both the US, and other countries to which they have arrived. 


Via Mugglenet

Via Mugglenet


The project was inspired by the scene at the very start of the Harry Potter series in which Harry is bombarded with owls bearing his Hogwarts acceptance letters. In their press release, the HPA state: 


Those letters changed everything about his life: where he lived, who he shared community with, and what was possible for his future. For refugees, resettlement offers a similar radical change. Through the letters delivered by Owls of Hope, we hope to offer refugees a feeling of welcome despite the State Department’s announcement and the pervasive xenophobia currently shaping U.S. policy and media.


YOU can join in! Two local nonprofits, the Nations Refugee Outreach, and Northwest Community Center, will deliver the letters to refugees in Dallas, Texas. All letters should include messages of welcome and support, and fans can even share about they favorite books and movies. After all, what better way for fans to bond than by talking about Harry Potter? Find more information here


Owls for Hope is a response to growing xenophobia and the spread of xenophobic policy throughout the USA, Europe and Australia, and highlight the fact that more than half of the world’s 68.5million refugees are children.


According to their statement:


#DAFightsBack will continue to provide opportunities to push back against bigotry, while focusing on actions that help individuals feel more connected to one another and to the larger movement for liberation. #DAFightsBack will have additional actions around immigration and the family separation crisis throughout Fall 2018, and will continue in 2019 to address other social justice topics and help fans come together to push back against hate.



To learn more about the HPA and #DAFightsBack, please visit http://thehpalliance.org/dafightsback


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