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Harry Potter Fans Freak at Rumored Joss Whedon Harry Potter Spin-Off

Harry Potter fans are notoriously protective of their beloved franchise. Take for instance, last week, when they freaked out over the notion that Joss Whedon might direct a film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


A fake Twitter account, @VarietyFilm, tweeted that Whedon was set to write and direct an upcoming adaptation of the Harry Potter stage play. 



This instance of ‘fake-news’ was not well received.  




Harry angery

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But fear not. The tweet was merely an instance of extreme ‘Rickrolling’, an internet phenomenon comprised entirely of tricking people into watching the video for Rick Astley’s iconic classic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ Because obviously, right?


This time though, fans were glad that they’d been tricked, instead of the ‘news’ being true. 



So don’t fret, fans. Just kick back, listen to Rick and know he ain’t never gonna let you down.



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