Harry Potter Fans Create ‘Cards Against Muggles’

Once again, Harry Potter lovers can rejoice at more Wizarding World memorabilia! Potter fans based in the US issued a magical take on the popular game “Cards Against Humanity” and called it “Cards Against Muggles”. The online shop, Forbidden Forest Crafts, specializes in fandom merchandise and sold out of the “Cards Against Muggles” game just days after launching.


But never fear – there’s a waiting list, but it’s currently only available to buyers located in the US.


The creators said in a statement: “This is a homemade game started by some HP fans. We only made a few for our local HP fan groups. We are currently sold out and not sure when we will have additional games.”



Get your hands on this game! It’s priced at $55 plus postage! 



Featured image courtesy of Forbidden Forest Crafts