Harry Potter Fans Can Spend Halloween at Hogwarts with Hundreds of Pumpkins

Do you have plans for Halloween? If you don’t, maybe you should think about this: on October 26, 27, 28 when the last beam of daylight vanishes on the edge of skyline, you grab a cloak, jump onto the Hogwarts express, and dodge into the castle…what you will encounter is hundreds of floating pumpkins in the Hall, saying “Happy Halloween Harry Potter Fans!”




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According to Digital Spy, Warner Bros Studio Tour in London is going to host its “Hogwarts After Dark” Halloween-themed party for the second year. Guests are able to enjoy cocktails and canapés before a two-course dinner in the Great Hall, one of the famous scene in HP movies, where the enchanted velvet ceiling will be covered with pumpkins. Looking around the place, guests will also be surprised by cauldrons of lollipops and red apples shining at somewhere magical. One thing you need to know in advance, as the HP world manifests, while you’re enjoying the Halloween vibes you might spot a few Death Eaters roaming around during the evening.




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There’s more you can explore inside and outside the castle. The Halloween feast will consist of smoked duck with pumpkin purée, blood orange jelly or goat’s cheese ravioli, roast lamb, a mushroom and shallot suet pudding or a pumpkin, beetroot and sage tarte tatin. Also, guests may enter into Gryffindor common room set and the Weasleys’ kitchen from The Burrow after having a glass of Butterbeer with the wand choreographers at Diagon Alley. Following the spooky spiders, guests can find dessert bowls-pumpkin brûlée and dark chocolate mousse-in the Forbidden Forest.




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Are your hearts moved? The tickets to this party are priced at £240 ($278) per person and are available to people over 18 only. They will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday, August 28.





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