Harry Potter Fan Creates Working Weasley Clock

There’s an appeal to the world of Harry Potter beyond just wizards and wand waving. Aside from characters that are prototype best friends and quests that put all real life adventures to shame, J.K Rowling manages to fill the pages with fantasy beyond our mind’s wildest creations. In a world where you can stalk classmates on the Marauder’s Map, engage with much livelier photographs, and munch on chocolate frogs, it’s no wonder some of our Muggle inventors seek to turn these fictional creations into reality. Now, in addition to being able to purchase Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans (mmm ear-wax), you can finally take a look at a real-life version of the Weasley clock, courtesy of Reddit user and creator, tbornottb3.

Much like the clock in Harry Potter, this one doesn’t tell time. Instead, it navigates the location of family members, and lights up the letter of their names on the face of the clock depending on their respective location.

It’s the more magical version of GPS.

Just like the Weasley’s clock, it tells if family members are at home, on their way home, at work, on holiday, in the forest, and of course, in mortal peril. Although we don’t have Death Eaters, we do subscribe to our own menu of modern perils – traffic, stalled trains, cold weather, closed coffee shops, and so on. These Muggle woes, along with location, are conveyed to the clock through GPS, LED lighting systems, and extensive computer coding to determine each user’s “mortal peril.” The tech behind it is as equally baffling to us as the ability to apparate through brick walls.

Thanks tbornottb3 for this magical clock! Fingers crossed someone creates invisible cloaks and extendable ears next.


Images courtesy of Imgur and Catterflyworx.