Harry Potter and The COVID-19 Crisis

What? Didn’t you read the little-known eighth book in the Harry Potter series? I am, of course, sadly kidding. It seems Harry Potter may have been the perfect model for the #StayHome movement, though, according to Stephen Colbert and Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe appeared on Colbert’s (remote) Late Show on Tuesday night to fill us all in on what has kept him busy during the quarantine. Spoiler alert: it’s not magic.

Colbert points out that Harry Potter may be the perfect model for those of us facing quarantine restrictions. Harry was confined to his cupboard under the stairs for ELEVEN YEARS!! Stephen even jokes that Daniel’s eleven days of isolation pale in comparison. Truly, if Harry could handle life under the stairs, we can handle a couple of weeks in apartments and houses!

Those of you in New York City though, your apartments kind of are cupboards under the stairs.


Radcliffe says that the message from the books, as he remembers it, was “isolate yourself and wash your hands” and honestly, it’s one that we should all be taking to heart. Harry Potter’s cultural influence is such that it is often a recurring motif in times of unrest, worry, or panic, with many turning to the words of Hogwarts’ wisest wizard for solace:

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only ...



Dark times lie ahead of us, and there must be a time when we must ...











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In case you were wondering how the Chosen One is keeping busy, he’s building a LEGO set of Jurassic Park. You can catch a glimpse of his structural masterpiece at 9:27. Radcliffe’s appearance on Stephen at Home was not entirely smooth sailing, either. No amount of wizardry could make Daniel’s audio function at the beginning of the interview, instead, it was technological magic that saved the day. It still makes for hilarious viewing and a surefire way to lift the quarantine blues.

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