Harper Lees Personal Letters Go Up for Auction

Harper Lee was famously reclusive during her lifetime. That will only fuel interest in a collection of her personal letters, which will be auctioned off individually on March 31. The 29 personal letters include all kinds of interesting details – including the author’s thoughts on a casino owned by presidential candidate Donald Trump

In one letter, Lee discusses a visit to Trump’s Taj Mahal casino (pictured) in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to the Guardian, Lee’s 1990 letter describes spending time in the casino as “the worst punishment God can devise.” Yikes!

In another letter, Lee discusses a more familiar subject: books. She expresses her admiration for W. Glasgow Phillips’s novel Tuscaloosa (a book that is, at the time of this writing, out of print). She also sings the praises of fellow Alabaman writer Elise Sanguinetti.

Lee also mentions her obsession with privacy in several places, complaining that locals in Monroeville, Alabama (where Lee lived until her death) made a “sport” of bringing family members by to see her. In another letter, Lee writes: “Please don’t put this on the internet or anything – I’d dread for it to bring more mail!”

We can’t know what Lee would have thought of her private letters going to the highest bidder (though we can probably guess), but like it or not, that’s what will happen on March 31. The Los Angeles-based auction house Nate D. Sanders will auction the letters off their website. Each of the letters has a starting bid of $750.