Voldemort is Weak

Hard Proof Dumbledore Was Smarter Than Voldemort

Oh, Tumblr. How would we laugh without you? How would we learn everything about pop culture, history, literature, and more without the witty banters and colorful memes your users’ posts? Some posts truly bring light to situations and make us think in ways we never would have. Like Voldemort’s attempt to be immortal.


All Potter fans were in awe when they found out the great, dark wizard split his soul into seven pieces and placed them throughout the world, in various objects known as Horcruxes. Voldemort could not be killed unless all seven Horcruxes were destroyed, and he hid them so well, he thought he would be immortal.


He was wrong. Voldemort died at the tender age of 71. Meanwhile, another great wizard, perhaps the greatest of his time, died much later: Dumbledore tragically passed at age 115. What was his secret, and where did Voldemort go wrong? Tumblr user hermionemollypeggypond explains it quite eloquently, and gives Voldemort a bit of sass in the process:


Dumbledore is better than Voldemort


ENOUGH SAID. Diet, exercise, and living a moral life > splitting your soul into 7 pieces. And yes, we could also imagine Hermione saying this, maybe without the crude language…




Featured image courtesy of Hypable.