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Happy Birthday, Mary Shelley!

Had she the elixir of eternal life, horror pioneer Mary Shelley would’ve turned 219 today, but if you ask us, she doesn’t look a day over 150!

Since you’ve clicked through this article, you already know about the gory glory that is Frankenstein, which was written by Mary Shelley at the age of 19. With the book came, eventually, all of the accolades you hear about today: it’s a forebearer of science fiction, a great leap forward for not only horror novels but for women writing them, and a macabre inductee to the Romantic era canon, where it stands somewhat at odds with the style’s typical glorification of individualism.

In celebration, here’s a little trivia quiz on Shelley and Frankenstein:


Can’t quite remember why we read Mary Shelley in the first place? Here’s a refreshing rundown of the story and its history, from the brilliant minds over at Crash Course:


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