Happy Birthday, Louisa May Alcott!

Louisa May Alcott, best known for her coming-of-age series Little Women, Little Men and Jo’s Boys, was born in Pennsylvania on November 29th, 1832. Alcott was more than a beloved novelist- she was a feminist who advocated for women’s suffrage (she was the first woman to register to vote in Concord, MA). She was an avid Abolitionist, influenced heavily by her family. The New Boston Post reports that the Alcott family were station masters on the Underground Railroad, dedicating their time and home to helping runaway slaves. During the Civil War, Alcott briefly volunteered as a nurse- until she contracted Typhoid Fever.   

Little Women was published in 1868, based loosely on her own experiences growing up. Before her success as a novelist, Alcott worked for the Atlantic Monthly, known now as The Atlantic. Her first major published piece Hospital Sketches, written in 1863, brought her a bit of fame and recognition. In it, Alcott reminisced about her time as a nurse in the Civil War. The book was praised for its insight and observations of the war as well as being a woman during the time. 

Google is celebrating Louisa May Alcott in the best way it can: With a Google Doodle! The doodle is designed by Sophie Diao. Can you tell what’s going on in it?

Happy Birthday, Louisa May!

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