Hamilton Star Helps Save Iconic New York City Bookstore

It’s like a death in the family – if your family includes history’s greatest playwrights and an actor’s most sacred texts. That’s how it felt for The Drama Book Shop owner, Rozanne Seelen, and manager, Shawn Verrier, when a pipe burst, flooding their shop and wrecking many loved and rare books. The owners weren’t the only ones lamenting the loss: tons of loyal shoppers, drama enthusiasts, and locals flocked to the iconic New York shop to help fund reconstruction and boost spirits.


Image courtesy of Shopikon

Among one of the many supporters is Li Manuel Miranda, composer and star actor in ‘Hamilton.’ If the title doesn’t ring a bell, you either a) have some deep-rooted vendetta against musicals – or potentially Hamilton himself (looking at you Aaron Burr), or b) you live under a rock. If the latter – which is much more (plausible) than the first – we’re all too happy to enlighten you. ‘Hamilton’ is the incredible Broadway musical about the founding father, the one and only Alexander Hamilton, presented with stunning acting and rap battles that could make Kanye blush. It’s received amazing reviews that are quickly sweeping the nation and making tickets look like unicorns. Now, with the Broadway show making all this hullabaloo, Miranda’s vocal support for the shop means even greater support from the community.

Image courtesy of New York Theatre

Capitalizing on his huge social media following, Miranda took to Twitter with the hashtag #BuyABook to increase fundraising momentum and awareness of what – for so many actors and book lovers alike – is a tragic loss.

Li even posted a ‘book shop pitch’ video to curry more support:

Since the tweets and video, The Drama Book Store’s sales have doubled. “People just are calling in, saying can I buy $200 worth of books, you guys pick them out and just send them to me,” manager Verrier told reporters.

Books: 1. Leaky Pipe Fiasco: 0.

Thank you Li – and all bookworms for that matter – for kicking up the support and keeping the rare and wonderful species of bookstores alive! For more information on the shop, or to show your own support, check out their page.