Halloween Costumes Ideas For The Cheap And Or Broke

I don’t know about you but I fall in the broke category when it comes to this Halloween’s festivities. If you are flat broke or just refuse to spend the ridiculous amount of money costumes cost, here’s a few easy costumes based off of famous literary characters.



#1 Any Hogwarts student ever


Whether you are a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff all you need for this costume is the black robe of any kind. To let everyone know what house you belong to, accessorize with your house’s colors and if you have any piece of Harry Potter merchandise you are good to go.


Image Via 100 jokes


#2 Vampire


An all-black ensemble would be preferred or literally anything dark out of your closet and some pale makeup and contacts if you have them. And if you want to be Bella Swan, from Twilight just put a blank stare on your face.


Image Via MEME



#3 Ghost


Take a white sheet and cut eye holes into it or cut a bunch of holes if you are going for a Charlie Brown look.


Image via Pinterest


#4 Witch


Again any dark clothing will do. Makeup, tights or leggings, grab your broom and wear a fabulous attitude.


Image Via Make A Meme


#5 Disney Bounding


For the many Disney fans out there who want to be literally anyone from the Disney canon and can’t afford a costume Disney bounding is great option. All you have to do is raid your closet and find the color scheme and small pieces to be whatever character you want.


Image Via Radio Wonderland


All of these are fun and affordable to do. And hey with all the money you saved you can spend it on the real reason for Halloween⁠—candy!


Featured Image via Brit+Co