Hallmark Special: Jane Austen Themed February

For the month of February, the Hallmark channel is releasing four Jane Austen inspired movies. Read on to learn more about these movies.

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A woman and a man wearing Regency Era clothes in a carriage in "Sense and Sensibility"

If anyone knows about telling love stories, it’s the Hallmark Channel. This television channel is always releasing a sappy film about love to warm audiences’ hearts. Now, the channel is putting a Jane Austen twist on some of their upcoming films. This twist is a part of their lineup for February, or, as Hallmark calls it, Loveuary. Four new movies will be released this month, and while they are all inspired by Austen, the Hallmark Channel is putting its own touch on the films. They want to take these classic stories and make them a little more unique.

Sense and Sensibility

The headliner of these four films, and the final one, is the Hallmark Channel’s adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. This novel was Austen’s first published novel. It centers around two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, as they look for love in their lives and deal with what society expects of them. The story has been adapted for the screen many times, but Hallmark wanted to try something different with this adaptation. This Hallmark version of Sense and Sensibility is made up of a predominantly Black cast, in order to promote diversity.

Four women in Regency Era clothes on outside stairs in "Sense and Sensibility."

Considering the time period in which this story is set, Sense and Sensibility has not really been done with a Black cast. Hallmark wanted to change that. In a time where we have shows like Bridgerton, networks and production companies are starting to look into the idea of diversity in stories set in the past. That is how everyone can see themselves represented in these period stories.  The cast for Hallmark’s Sense and Sensibility is not exclusively Black, but a significant amount of the main actors are. The cast includes Deborah Ayorinde as Elinor, Bethany Antonia as Marianne, Carlyss Peer as Fanny, and Martina Laird as Mrs. Jennings. The film comes out February 24th on the Hallmark Channel, finishing off Loveuary with a bang.

Paging Mr. Darcy

A crowd of people dressed in fancy Regency Era outfits in "Paging Mr. Darcy."

Every Saturday in February, a new Austen-inspired film will come out on the Hallmark Channel. Sense and Sensibility is the only film of the group that is a direct adaptation of a book and the only one that takes place in Austen’s era. The rest of the films are love stories that are Austen-themed and take place in modern times. The first film is called Paging Mr. Darcy and is out on February 3rd. The film follows Eloise, a logical Austen scholar who is vying for tenure at Princeton University. Something that she is doing to help her chances is to speak at a fan costume convention, which she is doing reluctantly. While there, Eloise meets the convention’s Mr. Darcy. He decides to help Eloise through this convention, but there may also be some sparks flying between the two. The film stars Mallory Jensen as Eloise and Will Kemp as Mr. Darcy or Sam. It is a classic Hallmark love story that honors Austen through its original tale.

Love & Jane

A woman in modern clothing and a woman in Regency Era clothing walking in a park in "Love & Jane."

The second film, coming out February 10th, Love & Jane, is about Lilly, who is a modern-day novelist in Boston. She makes a wish to get some advice and help from Austen, who is her favorite author. Somehow, Lilly’s wish magically comes true as Austen starts to give some advice to Lilly for her problems. The film stars Allison Sweeney as Lilly and Benjamin Ayres as her love interest Trevor. This film might sound a little mystical, but it is sure to be filled with some classic romance.

An American in Austen

Two women and a man in Regency Era clothing during a fancy party with well-dressed people in the background in "An American in Austen."

The third film of Loveuary comes out on February 17th. This film, entitled An American in Austen, is about Harriet, an Austen fan and a librarian. Harriet is dealing with some romantic problems in her life. However, before she knows it, she has a new problem when she is sent into the world of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Harriet will find out if Mr. Darcy is the perfect man she has always dreamed of or if the lives of Pride and Prejudice are just pure fiction. The film stars the appropriately named Eliza Bennett as Harriet and Nicholas Bishop as the dashing Mr. Darcy. It is a new take on the classic novel for anyone who has dreamed of having a Mr. Darcy of their own.

Jane Austen has gone down in history as one of the greatest novelists ever to write. Her stories are still touching people to this day. Hallmark is taking Austen’s legacy and putting some fresh spins on it to honor all that she has accomplished.

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