Guest Blog: The Book and the Baby by Nelika McDonald

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I always get excited about new authors who carry the promise of a new discovery. I get even more excited when these new authors publish their first book and it turns out to be so good that you say to yourself,  “Really, this is their first novel? Where was this person hiding?”  I enjoyed this novel a lot. I loved Nelika’s exploration of the small town psyche, which reminded me of reading Jasper Jones, and I really enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story. I wouldn’t classify this novel as a mystery; but the suspense is quite palpable and it will have you turning the pages quickly as the plot unravels — but not before it leads you in a few directions.

What I liked the best about this story were the voices of the two teenagers, Sarah and Tommy. I think Nelika really captured that very precarious time in life when we cross from childhood to adulthood. This is really an accomplished novel for a first time writer. And, you can find out why by reading the novel. But if you want a glimpse of this budding new author you might like to read this great piece written by Nelika exclusively for on the creative process, the creation of a novel, and her first child. Read it here: Read more …