Guess Who Attended J.K. Rowling’s Super-Secret Costume Party!

You know your party’s a hit when Dumbledore’s Army rolls through.

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J.K. Rowling turned a whopping 54 on Wednesday, July 31 — the same birthday she shares with Harry Potter.

The author may be well known for her humility and generosity, but a sense of modesty wasn’t enough to stop two close friends from celebrating Rowling’s birthday with a party to put Hogwarts’ Yule Ball to shame. 

The exact time and location of the celebration are secret, but we know the identities of at least two guests: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood.

Actresses Emma Watson and Evanna Lynch, who played Hermione and Luna, respectively, made appearances at Rowling’s birthday party, according to Watson’s Instagram.

On Wednesday, Watson posted a picture of the three of them dressed in various getups with the caption “Sexy and scary!”


Did the party have a theme? It doesn’t seem like it, except for an express order to “dress up.” 

Lynch dressed as a cat, Watson as Wonder Woman, and Rowling as some hellish creature with one horn coming out of her flesh-torn face.

And we wouldn’t expect anything less from the trio.

On the same day, Lynch tweeted a screenshot from, whose “Word of the Day” for July 31 was “dumbledore,” a British-English dialect word for bumblebee.

“Anyone else just get VERY excited about the word of the day today?!” Lynch asked on Twitter.


Big thanks to these three for reminding us that friendship is the strongest magic of all.




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