Gucci x Ignasi

Gucci Goes Greek: Artist Inspired by Icarus for 2017 Gucci Gift Catalogue

Artist Ignasi Monreal got the opportunity of a lifetime earlier this year when he was picked to create a book of illustrations for fashion house Gucci. His inspiration, the winged Icarus from Greek mythology, is showcased as the cover image, wearing a Gucci suit and backpack, of course.


Ignasi for Gucci

Image via The Drum


Ignasi says he’s always felt a magnetic connection with the sun. Its power and beauty have always drawn him in, and as a young boy in Spain he was enthralled by the story of Icarus, a boy who flew too close to the sun with wings made from feathers and wax. “The myth of Icarus is a reminder, don’t fly too close to the sun,” says Ignasi.


The myth keeps the artist centered as he continues to rise in the world of fashion. Ignasi is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after illustrators in fashion. In 2015, Gucci invited him to collaborate on the digital art project #GucciGram where artists reworked iconic Gucci patterns. 


Ignasi for Gucci

Images via Gucci/Ignasi Monreal


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